Friday, May 16, 2008


Many moons ago, back in the early 80's I would wake at 6am on the weekends and catch
this show on CBS. It was about a boy named Chris who somehow through the television
found a girl named Ingrid in a space colony. They would speak through the TV & share
Laurel & Hardy shorts and a puppet show called the Edge of Time. It was an odd show,
& when I would ask my peers about it, they would not know what I was talking about.
It was really exciting that Chris knew the show. At least we knew that we didn't dream it up,
it was on quite early and the premise of the program was kinda wonky.
Well last night I implored Chris to go online to find some information, perhaps a name to
the show.....
Low and behold......Starstuff.
A show produced in Philly in the early 80's for one season.
Apparently we weren't the only ones who thought we were dreaming...

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