Monday, January 31, 2011


Dance studio 8/17/03

You lived across the steet and upstairs from a dance studio,
& one day you showed me their bodies.
We stood peaking out from the endless paneling
of your apartment
& watched them spread and kick their legs
toes pointed, arms arched
through the window we could only imagaine the tempo
of the music which played for them,
but I listened to the sound of your sink,
the rub and intention of fabric pressing upon fabric
as you pushed down & brought your fingertips into my back,
breathing your hot breathe into my ear.
Through the window we saw them stretched and pulled
arched and beat out sweat
While my internal clock opened at your touch
unfolding in their skirts
tock, tock
their hands moving in graceful swoops as
my body unraveled
my whole heart was put upon the glass

& later you gifted me with cab fare and an open door,
& I gazed up to see the smear of my blood on your window.

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