Thursday, January 06, 2011

a walk in the park

Dear friends,
I did write yesterday. Honest. I just wasn't finished as I went up to put the kids to sleep. Then I fell asleep myself. Not in the plans, of course, but thats how it goes sometimes.
I was challenging myself to blogging everyday this year, but I didn't know how far I wanted to let that challenge spread (why dissapoint everyone when I fail ti show up)...but here it day out of six missed so far. Lets see if I can do better.

So, yesterday's post.

We walked the icy hills this morning with some friends. Crossing streams, climbing rocks, breaking icicles. Nate rolled on the hills. We ate a snack, looking down at this valley. Watching the turkey vultures circle overhead like we were lunch. Only two minor injuries in our journey....& one cryptic message carved in a bench....

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